Do you find yourself not sleeping at night wondering what would happen if your practice or clinic was audited, porta sull ecologiaor worse yet investigated because of a whistleblower complaint? Have you been putting off starting a compliance initiative because you’ve been too busy working in your practice? Or worse yet, are you currently under review, audit or investigation and wished you had evidence of compliance to potentially mitigate fines and penalties? Did you just find out that PTAs in a private practice setting cannot provide billable treatment to Tricare? If so, you may be obligated under what is know as the “reverse” False Claims Act to repay – and the repayment is due in 60 days!

These are some of the scenarios in which you realize you need expert help in setting up compliance program, or responding to a official inquiry from a regulatory authority or law enforcement.

Nancy Beckley & Associates are well equipped to provide expert guidance and consulting services.  For a quick consulting need, feel free to call Nancy on Clarity.  If you are looking to establish compliance activities such as monitoring and auditing, sanction screening, policies and procedures, and initiate a compliance program scaled to the size of your practice – fill out our convenient form and let us know how we can help.